14 May 2005

Premiere Classe - La Fille Qui Rit

unknown label

Like my copy of Holland Tunnel Dive by impLOG, I got this record in the mid 80s off Steve The Busker and loved the obscurity. There was even less to know about this - the lyrics are in French and the record just bears a blank green label with felt pen saying 'PREMIERE CLASSE with POUPEE FLASH'.

The authenticity of the French vocal said it was from France or Belgium. The still-novel enthusiasm for the synths said it was early 1980s. Beyond that I knew nothing.

Whilst Poupée Flash is an inventive piece of electropop, it was the B-side that enthralled me with its soft seething dark charm. The gentle languidly playful vocal, the opiated mystique of an atmosphere in a keyboard driven pop song, the understatement of piece made me come back to it again and again when making compilation tapes for people.

I always had to credit it as 'b-side of Poupée Flash'. But in these days of Google I've just found out - like just now, the last ten minutes - that the mesmerising B-side is called La Fille Qui Rit. The record came out in 1982 on Polydor in France (Polydor 2056937) and was popular in Belgium and the Netherlands. It also commands high prices at online record shops.

[MP3 deleted to make way for new ones. Sorry!]


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree with you more about "La Fille Qui Rit," this is a beautiful, melancholic tune I have loved for years. I have it on an official 12" released in France on Carrere, with an extended mix of "Poupee Flash" on Side A... the band was Belgian, and this is seemingly their only release. There was also a 7-inch released on WEA in Belgium, with "La Fille Qui Rit" on Side B under a different title and without vocals. Bravo for writing this song up... Paul, judes@postmark.net

Anonymous said...

I have the Belgian and German 7" versions. Back cover states it was recorded in November 1981.

The first cover design reveals them as total romos/electroclash fiends, with the guys in heavy makeup and big red gloves...
The German sleeve has them toning down their look into a more Duran-esque stylee.

Thanks for posting this 12" version!

Anonymous said...

thank u man im lokkin this song 4 so many years
last time i heard this is about 15years ago

tnx montana

Anonymous said...

Oh my God... I have been looking for this particular track (Poupée Flash) for the longest time. The only memory I had of this song was a snippet I managed to record on a crappy little mono tape recorder with built-in Am/FM tuner sometime in 1982... 3 houses later, the tape is probably still among my other similar tapes in my basement, in a box waiting to be dug through. Thank you... it was nice to finally hear it in Stereo.

If a compilation was ever made of these electronic gems, I'd be first in line to buy it.

Anonymous said...

I heard Poupée Flash in a megamix some year ago, and have been looking for it ever since. B-side is nice too, in a different way. Thanks a lot!

Here is a picture of the cover, 7" I think:

Anonymous said...

Of course, there's no telling what you can find in blog spots these days, but Poupee Flash...! I can hardly believe it. I grew up in MOntreal and it, being French and catchy, was quite popular there. I had the 12" at the time...long since disappeared. I would dearly love to receive the MP3 or link for that as well as its b-side. Thank you enormously in advance. Haven't heard for over 20 yrs.
While on the topic of obscurity, anyone have an MP3 of Bardi Blaise's Trans Siberian Express (much more obscure that even Poupee; I have an original 7" but no longer a turnstile), or "Bring me the News Boy" by the News Boys or the long version of Player One's Space Invaders, or the instrumental version of Lipps Inc's Designer Music?? (I'd better stop here...)
Steve maadlus@infonet.ee

Anonymous said...

Hallo, is it possible to send me the track since the link has expired?


Anonymous said...

ooooh, damn ! the link has expired !
could you send those great tracks to me ?
pleeeeease !