20 September 2005

The Three O'Clock - In Love In Too & Lucifer Sam

fan club only 45

Right, a while ago I posted a couple of tracks by The Three O'Clock, a fabulous shimmery sunny Rickenbacker psych-pop band from early 80s California.

I mentioned then that I'd got a couple of really rare tracks, and if anyone was interested then to leave a comment and I'd take that as a nudge to post them.

But no, nobody did ask.

A few days ago that post got a comment at last, and from someone fortunate enough to catch them on their support tour with REM in 1985.

I read about that at the time, and it was a total dream ticket for me, my two favourite bands on the same bill. Over here we got no-marks called Grown Up Strange supporting REM in 85, while the Three O'Clock only played one UK gig ever as far as I know. And I wasn't there.

Anyway, despite not being asked for them, here are those very rare tracks. They're the two sides of a fan club only 7-inch issued in 1983, and as far as I know haven't been issued anywhere else.

In Love In Too is another one from the band's songwriting team of Quercio/Gutierrez, and Lucifer Sam is a cover of the Syd-era Pink Floyd classic.

The production values aren't as good as the proper releases, but never mind the lavish sonics, feel the rarity.

[mp3s deleted to make way for new ones. Sorry!]


Anonymous said...

I saw them many times in the 80s. Always of two minds about that band. They were tight and made great pop, but they were so wimpy. I really liked "Jet Pilot", though.

merrick said...

A few people degry their wimp thing, but to me that's a big draw - it's that light, delicate, fragility that contrasts with the big shiny bouncy pop tunes, so the music contains a slightly conflicting blend of emotions, which it what gives it such mystery and keeps you coming back.

Anonymous said...

Cheers Merrick!..I had intended to ask for those 'lost tracks' but I guess it slipped my mind at the writing..Off to download them now.

Have you ever heard the "Rainy Day" compilation?..worth it for all the Paisley Inderground scensters doing 60's covers

merrick said...

Steven, wahey! someone actually wants the tracks! Hurrah!

Yeah, I've got Rainy Day on a cassette, really interesting stuff. Contender for future blog postings, in fact.

Anonymous said...

yes, please RAINY DAY. i've been waiting forever for that record to come out on disc or mp3.

three o'clock: these two amazing tracks appeared on the american version (i think) of "baroque hoedown," the much better predecessor to "sixteen tamborines."

btw, didn't true west do a cover of "lucifer sam" around this time?

AL III said...

Grew up in SoCal and in the early 80's I was in my early 20's and was a KROQ fanatic. 1st time I saw the 3 O' Clock was on a local LA TV show with Richard Blade and they preformed "Jet Fighter", loved it. Think they wore suits too. Wimpy one poster here says. A little, but it was good jangle rock. Haircut 100, now thats wimpy as it gets.

Plasticsoul said...

The Three O'Clock doing Syd/Pink Floyd!? Thank you Thank you Thank you! This is way too cool. I was fortunate enough to see them play when they were called The Salvation Army (prior to being sued by the REAL Salvation Army and changing their name) along with an all girl band called The Bangs...who went on to become The Bangles, at a little club about 30 minutes east of Los Angeles. I can't remember the name of the club. It hasn't been there in about 15 years. I think its a shopping center now.

Anonymous said...

I was punching in "the three o'clock" in google just out of boredom and curiosity of a band that I remembered back in the 80's and look at this! Although not a huge fan, my little brother (now 30 somthing) was/is. In fact he and I used to go see these guys all over LA in some of the grungiest dive bars in some obscure places. At the time my little brother was a Mod and the interesting thing about it was that he was only 11 years old! The youngest mod on the scence by far! I remember a gig they did at the Palace off Vine in LA and Michael and Louis noticed my brother (Greg) and pulled him up on stage! What a scene. It wasn't long after, Greg (my brothe) formed a freindship with the band and was asked to be in the "Jet Fighter" video (the scene where the boy grows to a man). There were many shows and parties all the the tender age of 11-12 (I was 15-16). My brother then started his own band (I'm sure influenced by the Three O'clock) and continues to play the LA/Orange County scene. He's currently fronting "Sterling" www.sterlingtheband.com you may hear some similarities? I could go on and on about The Three O'clock and stories about the Bangles as well (Louis was dating Susana Hoffs of the Bangles at the time) but this is a long enough blog. Marty

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why these are rarities -- my old version of Baroque Hoedown had both these songs -- but then again that was a French pressing (now sadly long gone). Exactly how the three o'clock -- let alone a French pressing -- made it's way to a small record shop in nowhereville Ontario in 1982 I'll never know but sometimes life is magic.

This album sent me scouring all over for a paisley shirt -- back then they were actually hard to find, especially in a small town. I ended up wearing an old paisley pyjama top around. Desperate but true -- it was the 80s after all.

These brought back wonderful memories for me. Thank you so much. I'd love to see the rest of the album posted (hey there's only 4 more tracks after all!)

thanks again

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tunes.. I saw TOC 4 or 5 times, always played well live. First exposure, I was in San Diego on vacation (1983? 84?) and saw them at SDSU or UCSD.. and at the time thought I was a "punk rocker".. I didn't know what to make of the whole psychedelic scene.. passing grapes to the crowd.. talking about Love.. Beatles haircuts... I wanted to F*** S*** UP, man! But the dirty secret I carried.. I was a sucker then, and still am, for good Pop tunes.. I loved them!

Now.. to just find good cd pressing of 16 Tamborines!

e_bone9 at yahoo dot com

Jason said...

Fantastic! Thank you. Salvation Army-era through "16 Tambourines" is easily my fave period for these guys (though I stayed interested enough 'til the bitter end), so I'm really really glad to have these tunes again (lost that Lolita pressing long ago).

Anonymous said...

too bad you´ve deleted this one. a re-post would be very welcome

keep on doing this. your blog is great

Jonas Jinx

Anonymous said...

I would be interested in a repost of these tracks as well. Please?!

Anonymous said...

Saw the 3 O'Clock back in the day, great band, Michael Quercio, wooooo! Jet Fighter is a great song. Remember being broke and stealing the Sixteen Tambourines cassette tape from Tower Records on Beach Blvd. and playing it in my car until it wore out...wonderful music, wonderful time, I had a paisley flannel pyjama top that I would wear around all the time, loved it so much! Ah the 80's...of course Michael turned out to be gay, he always was delicate and fey, wasn't he?

Amatolman said...

I saw the Three O'Clock at the Concert Factory circa 1982/83. I remember a band called the Targets were playing too. It was a cool scene of modern day Mods. I remember Micheal Quercio's huge bass sound when he sang I Go Wild. I met Mike a decade later when he was playing a gig at The Doll Hut. He was a cool dude and it was good to see him continue to perform and make music. I met Danny Benair during a Lush concert where Weezer opened. I just said hello and complimented him. He is a great drummer and cool to speak with on Facebook!