10 August 2006

Indians In Moscow - Naughty Miranda


Indians In Moscow - Naughty Miranda cover

A bouncy backing on cheapo electronics with a jaunty Caribbean rhythm and a graphic lyric of psychotic patricide. What more can you ask from pop music?

Saw this one on The Tube in 83, and it was one of those records that if you've ever heard it once, you remember it forever. Bright, breezy and utterly insane.

The other side, Miranda, was a bit of a cop out. The same music but an altered lyric. Still not quite right, mind, detailing as it does her father's jailing for untoward activity and keeping of prize octopi.

But it's this track that really does a job like no other. The way she bounces along with the rhythm in the line 'I slit his guts with my blunt Hedgeplay scissors and sucked out his brain with a straw' is just brilliant.

I got a subsequent single, Jack Pelter and His Sex Change Chicken, on lovely white vinyl, which is worthy of posting here. I'll try to get round to it soon.

[MP3 deleted to make room for new ones. Sorry!]


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I think noone who saw it could forget The Tube's finest hour: "Give me that knife or I'll SCREEEEAM!!" Truly immortal. :)

ACC said...

One of my all time great bands. Memories of the angst of childhood and all that come flooding back.

Anonymous said...

I believe that was the same episode of the Tube on which the The Red Guitars appeared - coincidentally, the 'Google' I performed which led me to this site - if you get my techno drift.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic - I remember that Tube so well - We had just entered the vcr revolution and I had it on tape.Until Dad recorded over it that is!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic - even with the plinky-plonky keyboards. True that the tune stays with you forever; I saw it on The Tube but didn't buy the record and then the tune just came into my head for some reason today. Only a few years down the line. Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

I love it as it's about someone with the same name as me - not nearly as naughty as her though.........!

Anonymous said...

*claim to fame* My dad played keyboard on Jack Pelter and His Sex Change Chicken :D:D:D How cool is that

merrick said...

Sara-louise, that's soooo cool! The chicken sounding keyboard is fucking nuts!

Just the nudge I need to shuffle Jack Pelter up the pile - it'll be the next MP3 posted here.

Anonymous said...

C'mon then - who has their memory tuned in? On the same bill (I think) was a trio / combo who did "Soul Train" (" a Summer night - on soul train etc")with a fantastic sax break etc?
Can't recall their name - anyone wanna hit me with info at merlinthehammer@btinternet.com pls?
I recall it was released as a single but it was overproduced which totally wiped out its spacey empty driven feel.

The Football Blog Man said...

swansway is the group your looking for, and yes it was a great song.

robin said...

Wonderful memories - I rushed out the next day to buy both 'Naughty Miranda' & 'Soul Train', and occasionally listen to them even now. Both were extraordinary records! We saw IiM a year or so later at Moray House in Edinburgh (who at that time had the most visionary Ents Secy). They played a wonderful set to about 23 folk (no Miranda, tho), and then stomped off. Me & my flatmates at the time (who made up around 1/3 of the audience) loved them, and begged them to play an encore...eventually, they relented, played the encore, and made us love them all the more.

Anonymous said...

in french on the text: quel groupe de musique....jamais rien vu de meilleur en son temps ... énorme son, gigantesques textes super musiciens et fantastique chanteuse....vivement que revienne ce genre d`époque....in fact :for me one of the best band of the world never see .... my small daugther move always is b.... by this music ......love for ever of tjis band.........rikko the frenchy

Nurse Riches said...

My, my, Sara-Louise. That's very impressive. Maybe you could ask your father what keyboard he used to get that mad chicken sound? Do tell, I'm fascinated, I really am.

Yours truly,

PETE RICHES (Keyboards, Indians In Moscow... and Gay, BTW)

Tribute site at: www.indiansinmoscow.com

Restored "Naughty Miranda" video is now posted on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

Wow! It is an honour for me to join this message board. I found an Indians In Moscow Album in my friends sisters bedroom in 1986, and have treasured it ever since. Pete, you are a legend, and this all very cool indeed. Respect and thanks to all of you!