26 May 2009

Lunar Funk - Mr Penguin Pt.1 mp3

Bell (USA)
45 172 (Bell 1225 in the UK)

Lunar Funk - Mr Penguin

Over at one of my favourite blogs, The Quiet Road, Jim has posted a Youtube video of the Mothership Connection. I see no reason why we shouldn't let the funk seep on over to our place.

If, like me, you had never heard of this record before you saw a second hand copy, I sincerely hope you would feel as I did. Namely, any record called Mr Penguin by something called Lunar Funk has to be worth hearing.

Whilst it doesn't have the heavier sturm und thang delivered by some of their contemporaries, it grooves along with fuzzy guitar, trippy vibes and tricky rhythm.

Most importantly, it has what - as the venerable Adam Warne rightly observed - any track needs to be truly funky: a man with a deep voice saying funky stuff.

download Mr Penguin (4.1MB MP3)

If you're a funkafreak and want me to email you the Part 2 that appears on the B-side (pretty much another three minutes of the same), leave your email address in the Comments.


greenlife said...

hi, can you send me the b side as well?

merrick said...

Greenlife, I'll gladly send it to you, but you'll have to give me an email address!

s1dguy said...

Lunar Funk was formed my former members of the Detroit The Fabulous Counts. They even produced a song called Lunar Funk. You should be able to find a few of their cut on youtubes.

WIUP's The Sunday Sampler with Marc Morrison said...

I too, found this record second-hand, in a Salvation Army thrift shop a good number of years ago. Unknown to me, of course, but it was hard to resist that title and band name. Quirky yet funky, and oh so 70s. Nice to see this here.

Anonymous said...

A great track that I bought on it’s release in the early 70’s on UK Bell. It had a follow up track called either “give the drummer some” or “slip the drummer some” which only had a US release on Bell as far as I’m aware.
I came across your blog on this track when I was trying to find a connection of substance between the groups “Lunar Funk” & The (Fabulous) Counts. I’ve only come across web conjecture, in that, “The Counts” recorded a track called “Lunar Funk/Get Down With It”. The sound of both groups are similar, so they may have similar line ups as suggested in other comments.
Any info appreciated David.Packham@btinternet.com

Anonymous said...

Sadly sold all my Vinyl when i gave up DJ'ing back in the 80's. This was a real floor filler and great to have back in my collection of memorabilla - many thanks for just being there.