10 August 2006

Indians In Moscow - Naughty Miranda


Indians In Moscow - Naughty Miranda cover

A bouncy backing on cheapo electronics with a jaunty Caribbean rhythm and a graphic lyric of psychotic patricide. What more can you ask from pop music?

Saw this one on The Tube in 83, and it was one of those records that if you've ever heard it once, you remember it forever. Bright, breezy and utterly insane.

The other side, Miranda, was a bit of a cop out. The same music but an altered lyric. Still not quite right, mind, detailing as it does her father's jailing for untoward activity and keeping of prize octopi.

But it's this track that really does a job like no other. The way she bounces along with the rhythm in the line 'I slit his guts with my blunt Hedgeplay scissors and sucked out his brain with a straw' is just brilliant.

I got a subsequent single, Jack Pelter and His Sex Change Chicken, on lovely white vinyl, which is worthy of posting here. I'll try to get round to it soon.

[MP3 deleted to make room for new ones. Sorry!]