09 July 2008

Four Tops - Gira Gira & Piangono Gli Uomini mp3

Tamla Motown (Italy)

The Four Tops - Gira Gira cover

Time for another foreign language version. Two, actually.

Motown did quite a lot of these. The Supremes' Where Did Our Love go becoming Wo Ist Unsere Liebe for the German market, the Velvelettes francophonically turning As Long As I Know He's Mine into Puisque Je Sais Qu'il Est Moi, and Martha and the Vandellas blueprint for Town Called Malice, I'm Ready For Love, became the Spanish single Yo Necesito De Tu Amor.

The Temptations did My Girl both in German (although calling it Mein Girl was kind of cheating) and in Motown's second language, Italian. The lightness and delicacy of that song somehow makes it one of the funniest to hear in a different language.

But my favourites are these, a great Italian 45 with Gira Gira (Reach Out I'll Be There) and Piangono Gli Uomini (I Can't Help Myself).

Levi Stubbs' great aching yawp is one of the most affecting things ever recorded. Such power and pleading, such a cry, such soul.

So hearing him apply that to what you're sure must be a phonetic lyric sheet that he doesn't understand is just brilliant.

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Martin said...

Thanks! Please let us hear Martha & The Vandellas as well if you have it.

merrick said...

Martin, I've got two compilations of Motown foreign versions on MP3 (Motown Around the World, and Nero Italiano). There's I'm Ready For Love and Jimmy Mack in spanish.

If you leave your email address I'll happily send you them (and say if you're interested in the non-Martha stuff and I'll send you a track listing and any MP3s you want)

Martin said...

Thanks a lot Merrick! I managed to find it over att Fullundie but many thanks for the offer.

Chris said...

I am going crazy on this blog! I host comedy shows in NYC and the crowd is eating this stuff up! Hit me up with this one, too!

And anything in German!
great stuff!

merrick said...


I'll gladly send you MP3s (via transferbigfiles.com) if you give me an email address to send them to!

got some great stuff in german, about 15 well known tracks re-recorded.